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    Student Tracking Advising Retention System (STARS)
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Stars is a web application that interacts with a collection of WSU databases. It is designed to enable convenient access to university data at both an individual and aggregate level for advising, retention efforts, curriculum tracking, and program evaluation.

Anyone with a valid WSU Access ID can logon to the Stars Student Profile with the default 'Student' status. Users with this status can view their own student data, but cannot access the reports module. WSU faculty and staff can request the additional access required to their job functions. More ...

The Stars web application draws data from a variety of sources. These include Banner, Testing and Evaluation Research (T&ER), Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), Early Academic Assessment database (EAA), WSU Online Directory (LDAP), and a custom Stars database.

Logon to the application using your WSU Access ID and Password. Logon is only possible when Banner, the LDAP server, and the STARS database are operational. Certain pages in STARS extract data from the T&ER databases and these pages will fail to display when those databases are not operational. Our database monitor currently shows that all databases are operational and STARS is working properly.


On July 13, 2014 we moved to a new Stars Web Server. There were some challenges but the upgrade is now complete. Currently there are two Stars sites: We recommend using the new site unless some fewature is not working properly. In that case, you can try using the legacy version (and please report theprobl;em to us).

Logon to the application using your WSU Access ID and Password. Logon is only possible when Banner, the LDAP server, and the STARS database are operational. Stars User Managers should use the folloing Manager Logon if they want to perform administrative changes. Certain pages in STARS extract data from the T&ER databases. These pages will fail to display when those databases are not operational. Check the WSU System Status for the status of a variety of Wayne State applications and databases.

Reporting Errors

Stars, like its creators, is perfect, or at least 99.9 percent so. Nevertheless, you may occasionally encounter an unexpected or erroneous result. This is almost certainly due to someone else's mistake (for example, a data input error). If we discover an error and it is someone else's fault, you can rest assured that we will aggressively pursue the perpetrator, and when found, corrective action will be taken to the full extent of the law. On the other hand, in the unlikely event that there is an error in one of the Stars web pages, it is probably a very subtle and forgivable oversight. In this case, as is our custom, we will follow our uncompromising drive towards perfection and attend to it as soon as we can (or whenever). In any case, please let us know if you run into any problems as we have no other way of knowing.

Stars Student Profile

Data available through this application includes:

bullet Contact Information
bullet Student Comments (level of privacy determined by user)
bullet Academic Standing, General Student, Application, and Holds
bullet WSU Classes (academic history)
bullet Transfer Courses and Previous Education
bullet GPA Summaries
bullet General Education and Degree Audit
bullet Registration Detail (Fall 2002 and later)
bullet Early Academic Assessment Data

Stars Reports

We are constantly updating reports and adding new ones. The detail reports that provide list students enable drill-down to individual student profiles by clicking on the Student ID. As of the Summer of 2011 we have over 60 reports, some with an extensive collection of sub-reports.

  Degree Audit

This project is sponsored by Associate Provost Howard Shapiro and Registrar Linda Falkiewicz. The project personnel include: Prior to the implementation of Degree Audit, a basic form of the General Education compliance audit was periodically run by a member of the University Advising Center staff and the results displayed on the "Gen Ed/Curr" page on Stars. We have replaced this link with a "Degree Audit" link that gives the options to "View Previous Evaluation", "Generate New Evaluation", or run a "What-If Analysis". Currently the programs from the 2003-2007 undergraduate bulletins are available. Also available are the MBA programs. Please feel free to test them out. A short tutorial is available to show how it works. Our team is very interested in receiving feedback from students and advisors.

  Plan of Work (POW)

The POW enables a student and his or her Advisor to plan out the classes that the student will take towards a degree to be completed in a specified timeframe. Stars advisors have the capability of locking or unlocking a POW. The POW can be accessed as a submenu choice in Degree Audit Menu in the Student Profile. For further information, click the following link.

A Brief History of WSU Data Systems

As of Fall 2002, WSU moved from the SIS to the Banner System. SIS was used from Winter 1998 until Spring/Summer 2002 and a large majority of the data has now been converted to Banner. Prior to 1998, the TP system was used. Data in that system was not maintained after the end of each semester so is not completely reliable (though is largely correct). The TP Conversion Project was initiated by WSU to convert TP transcript data into Banner. With just a few exceptions, all students who registered since Winter 2001 have had their TP data cleaned and converted to Banner.

Stars Presentations

bullet Cohort Tracking Tool - October 27, 2006
bullet MAIE Conference - April 14, 2005
bullet SCT/Banner Summit Presentation - March 31, 2004
bullet WSU Associate Deans - September 16, 2003
bullet WCCCD Conference - Early Academic Assessment - October 28, 2008
bullet Cohort Tracking Tool - March 24, 2009
bullet Academic Advising Summit - Advising Tools 1010 - March 30, 2012
bullet Introduction to the CTT (ASC) - May 10, 2012
bullet The Stars Faculty Module - May 10, 2012
bullet The Faculty and Reports Modules of Stars - November 13, 2012
bullet Stars for Advising (Training) - December 5, 2012
bullet Stars Reports Training - February 15, 2013
bullet ASPDC Technology Resources Workshop (STARS) - November 5, 2014
bullet Stars Advisor Dashboard (Tracking By Student Major) - February 1, 2016
bullet Stars GRS Tracking - June 1, 2016

A Brief History of Stars

In 2003, we changed our name from Student Retention and Advising System (Sras) to Student Tracking, Advising, and Retention System (Stars), The new name is much perkier, easy to remember, and sounds less like a potentially lethal disease. (More ...)

Contact the project manager R. Berman with any issues or questions.