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    Student Tracking Advising Retention System (STARS)
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Project Management and Development

bullet Robert Berman - Chief Architect and Programmer
bullet Steve Salley


bullet William Hill, Clinical Faculty, Education (former Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs)
bullet Linda Falkiewicz, Registrar
bullet Hilary Ratner, Vice President of Research (former Dean of the Graduate School)
bullet Howard Shapiro, Associate Provost
bullet Jack Kay, former Associate Provost

Degree Audit Project

bullet Gayle Reynolds (Associate Registrar)
bullet Zhen Fu (Analyst)
bullet Shiying Zheng (Programmer and Analyst)

Programming and Computing Support
- Current
bullet Prashanth Nutakki (programming, server maintenance)
bullet Yufen (Lisa) Tan (server, database)
- Former
bullet Wuhong Lu (programming, analyst)
bullet Udaya Chapalamadugu (CS Consulting, Inc.)
bullet Sathish Vemana (programming)
bullet Rajesh Saka (dba, programming)
bullet Carmen Coon (General Education support)
bullet Jeff Dunn (data)
bullet John McBride (server, technical support)
bullet Brian Rottermond (server, technical support)
bullet Rajeev Sadasivan (server, technical support)
bullet Robert Kakos (server support)
bullet Cliff Stallings (server support)

Other Contributors

bullet Thomas Wilhelm Testing and Evaluation Research
bullet Morris Reynolds C&IT Director
bullet Andrea Eisenberg Advisor, Academic Services Officer
bullet Donna Alexander Testing and Evaluation Research, retired
bullet Paul Donn Insititutional Analysis, now at Temple Univ.
bullet Paul Clemens formerly Advisor in Engineering

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