Access to STARS

Wayne State University Advisors, Faculty, Staff and Students should always use their Pipeline Access ID (zy1234) / Password combination to log onto Stars.

Student Access

Anyone at WSU with a valid Access ID can log onto the Stars Student Profile module with the default 'Student' status. In this case the user can only view his/her own student data and will not have access to the reports module.

Faculty Access

Anyone at WSU with a valid AccessID who has taught a course has access to the Stars Faculty module where teaching history, class lists, course and class grade distributions and averages, as well as Student Evaluation of teaching when available. Retention and Graduation analyses for classes will be included in the near future.

Advisor Access

Appropriate WSU personnel (among the faculty and staff) can obtain 'Advisor' status. This allows the advisor to view the Student Profiles for any student. It also allows access to the Reports module. (There are a few reports that require additional privileges.) Such users should have an advising or administrative role that warrants increased access. Along with the full Advisor privileges, there is available a limited Faculty-Advisor version that enables faculty to view academic data only for a specified set of advisees. Advisor or Faculty-Advisor access can be obtained upon authorization from
  1. a Division/Department Manager, or
  2. the Project Manager
The first is the preferred method. By clicking the link above (or the one at the top of the Stars Home Page), you can open the Stars User Directory and determine the Stars User Manager for your department (highlighted in dark green) once your department is selected. If no user manager is assigned to your department, you can select your division and see if there are any Stars Division User Managers (highlighted in light green) for your division who you can contact. You also can contact the Project Manager directly. If you really want to be nice you can provide your Access ID to save the manager the step of looking it up.

To use STARS as an advisor, a user must accept the Online Code of Responsibility (COR). You will be prompted to accept it at first logon and periodically thereafter. (This may occur when logging into Stars or other WSU web applications.) The Registrar's Office also provides a PDF versions of the COR and information about privacy in the FERPA brochure.