Keeping Track of Your Academic Progress


STARS Degree Audit is an advising tool that allows a student or the student's advisor to compare the student's academic record with degree requirements for the student's major or any other undergraduate program offered at Wayne State University.


The Degree Audit is a tool that should be used to help students make the best course selections for their degree programs.  Students should continue to consult with their advisors on a regular basis to ensure they are on track to reach their goals.  When viewing your Degree Audit, if you have any questions, contact your advisor. 



How to Generate/View a Degree Audit Evaluation


1)     After you clicked on the “STARS for Degree Audit” link under Student Service, you will see your personal information shown as following.



2)  Click on “Deg Audit” link:


3)  Click on “View Previous Evaluation” link if you want to view the previous generated degree evaluations:



Select the previous evaluation to view the evaluation details:




4)     Click on “Generate New Evaluation” link if you want to generate a new degree evaluation for the student:



Click the “Generate Request” button to generate a new degree evaluation (based on the student’s current academic status):



5)      Click on “What-If Analysis” link if you want to run a different degree/major evaluation other than the degree/major the student is currently assigned to:


Select the “Entry Term”, “School”, “Level”, “Program”, “Major”, and select the “Concentration” (if the student is assigned one). Click the “Submit” button:


To generate a new General Education evaluation, select the “Entry Term”, “School”, “Level”, and select the “General Education Checklist” from “Program” dropdown menu, and then click the “Submit” button:


6)     The evaluation result is shown as following:




10)  To view the evaluation results by area, select the area through “Area” drop down list: