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    Student Tracking Advising Retention System (STARS)
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bullet Stars Upgrade - Starting July 13, 2014 for the next few weeks we will be completing
           a move to a new Stars Web Server. You are now on the logon page for the New Site
           which we are still beta testing. To logon to the site that has been in use
           in recent months, click the following link: Legacy site (
           If you encounter any problems, by e-mail us at

bullet Advisor Access - In order to logon to Stars as an Advisor, you must be granted
           access by a Department or Division user manager (or the Project manager).
           Managers are highlighted in green in the Advisor Directory. You must be an
           employee with advising or job responsibilities that require access to student
           academic information in order to qualify. Once granted Advisor access, you
           must accept the online code of responsibility to use Stars.

bullet Faculty Advisor Access - Faculty members (and others) may be granted
           limited Advisor access in situations where they require access to academic
           information for a set of specified advisees.

bullet Advisor Logon - Logon using your WSU AccessID and Password. Logon is only
           possible when Banner, the LDAP server, and the STARS database are operational.
           Certain pages in STARS extract data from the T&ER databases and these pages
           will fail to display when those databases are not operational. Check the
           WSU System Status for the status of a variety of Wayne State applications
           and databases.